2024 Bucs Team Uniform

For the upcoming 2024 season, the following will be mandatory at all swim meets:
  • The new Bucs’ team suit: TYR Hexa in black/blue
  • Bucs team cap or a blue or yellow swim cap that matches the Bucs swim team colors with no other team logos. (Only if your swimmer wears a swim cap.)
The Brookdale Bucs online store will be available February 24 - April 14 for you to order team suits, swim caps, and other personalized Brookdale Bucs swim gear! All orders will be delivered and distributed prior to Time Trials. Any suit orders after April 14 may accrue additional shipping fees and may not be delivered in time for Time Trials.

Each swimmer will be given one latex Bucs team cap and a Bucs team T-shirt. Additional cap orders can be placed through the Brookdale Bucs online store for personalized or plain latex and silicone caps.

View Brookdale Bucs Online Store

There is a very limited supply of the "Hexa Thickstrap Swimsuit" and it will be available until quantities run out.  If your "Hexa Thick Strap Swimsuit" order cannot be fulfilled, Urban Tri Gear will reach out to you via email with the option to substitute the "Hexa Thinstrap Swim Suit."


TYR Hexa Maxfit (front)

TYR Hexa Maxfit (back)

TYR Hexa Diamondfit (front)

TYR Hexa Diamondfit (back)

TYR Hexa Jammer (front)

TYR Hexa Jammer (back)