2024 Meet Results

6/11/24 Bucs at Farmstead (win)  Meet Results   Team Score

6/13/24 Bucs vs Tall Grass  (loss) Meet Results   Team Score

6/15/24 Bucs at Huntington  (win)  Meet Results   Team Score

6/18/24 Bucs at Naperville Tennis Club (win)  Meet Results   Team Score

6/22/24 Bucs vs White Eagle (win) Meet Results   Team Score

6/25/24 Bucs vs South Pointe (win) Meet Results   Team Score

6/27/24 Girls Invitational - Farmstead  and Boys Invitational - Saybrook

6/29/24 Bucs at Hobson West   Meet Results   Team Score

7/02/24 Bucs at Stillwater  Meet Results   Team Score

7/09/24 Bucs at Breckenridge  Meet Results   Team Score

7/11/24 10U Relay Invitational - Cress Creek Country Club

7/13/24 Bucs vs Naper Carriage Hill  Meet Results   Team Score

7/18/24 High School Invitational

7/20/24 CLASSIC

7/26/24 CITY


2023 Meet Results

Coming soon!  In the meantime, you can view meet results in the Meet Mobile app!


2022 Meet Results

6/4/2022 Time Trials: Meet Results 

6/14/2022 Tall Grass at Bucs: Meet Results and Team Score (loss)

6/16/2022 Bucs at Centennial Beach: Meet Results and Team Score (win)

6/21/2022 South Point at Bucs: Meet Results and Team Score (win)

6/23/2022 Farmstead Girls Invite: Meet Results and Team Score (win)

                  Saybrook Boys Invite: Meet Results and Team Score (loss)

6/25/2022 White Eagle at Bucs Rescheduled for July 19

6/28/2022 Bucs at Cress Creek Commons:  Meet Results and Team Score (win)

7/5/2022 Huntington Estates at Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Score (win)

7/7/2022 Bucs at Hobson West: Meet Results and Team Score (loss)

7/9/2022 Bucs at Farmstead:  Meet Results and Team Score (loss)

7/12/2022 Huntington at Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Score (win)

7/14/2022 Steeple Run at Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Score (win)

7/19/2022 (Rain Date) White Eagle at Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Score (win)


2021 Meet Results

6/5/2021 Time Trials: Meet Results

6/12/2021 Farmstead vs. Bucs Meet Results and Team scores (win)

6/15/2021 South Pointe vs Bucs Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/17/2021 Saybrook vs Bucs Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

6/19/2021 Bucs vs White Eagle Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/22/2021 Bucs vs Tallgrass Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

6/24/2021 Saybrook Boys Invite 2021 Meet Results and Team Scores

6/29/2021 Bucs vs River Run Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/1/2021 Stillwater vs Bucs Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/6/2021 Naperville Tennis Club vs Bucs Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/10/2021 Hobson West vs Bucs Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

7/13/2021 (Rain Date) Bucs vs Ashbury Meet Results and Team Scores (win)


2019 Meet Results

6/8/2019 Time Trials: Meet Results

6/11/2019 Tallgrass vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

6/13/2019 Bucs vs Farmstead: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/15/2019 Breckenridge vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/18/2019 White Eagle vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

6/20/2019 Bucs vs Cress Creek: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/22/2019 Bucs vs StillwaterBucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/25/2019 Otters vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

7/9/2019 South Pointe vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

7/11/2019 Bucs vs Ashbury: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/13/2019 Bucs vs YMCA: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/20/2019 Naperville AM Classic Meet Results


2018 Meet Results

6/2/2018 Time Trials: Meet Results

6/12/2018 Tallgrass vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

6/16/2018 Hobson West vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/19/2018 Bucs vs White Eagle: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/23/2018 Naper Carriage Hill vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (loss)

6/26/2018 Bucs vs YMCA: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/7/2018 Bucs vs Maplebrook II: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/10/2018 Bucs vs Cress Creek: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/14/2018 Farmstead vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)


2017 Meet Results

6/3/2017 Time Trials: Meet Results

6/10/2017 Centennial Beach vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/13/2017 Bucs vs White Eagle: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/15/2017 Bucs vs Cress Creek Country Club: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/17/2017 Stillwater vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/20/2017 Bucs at Huntington Estates: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/22/2017 Steeple Run vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/24/2017 Huntington vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/29/2017 Saybrook Boys Invite 2017: Meet Results and Team Scores

7/8/2017 River Run vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/11/2017 Tallgrass vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/13/2017 Naperville Tennis Club Girls Invite: Meet Results and Team Scores (1st Place)

7/15/2017 Naperville Tennis Club vs Bucs: Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/22/2017 NSC Classic Meet: Meet Results and Team Scores (2nd place)

7/28-29/2017 NSC City Meet: Meet Results and Team Scores (5th place)


2016 Meet Results

6/4/2016 Time Trials:  Meet Results

6/16/2016 Maplebrook II vs Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/18/2016 Bucs vs Cress Creek Country Club:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/21/2016 South Pointe vs Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/25/2016 Bucs vs Cress Creek Commons:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

6/28/2016 Bucs vs Steeple Run Stingrays:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/7/2016 Bucs vs River Run:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/9/2016 Saybrook vs Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/12/2016 White Eagle vs Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/14/2016 Naperville Tennis Clus Girls Invite:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/16/2016 Hobson West vs Bucs:  Meet Results and Team Scores (win)

7/23/2016 NSC Classic Meet: Meet Results and Team Scores (2nd place)

7/29 - 7/30/2016 NSC CITY Meet:
Friday ResultsSaturday AM ResultsSaturday PM ResultsFinal Combined Team Scores (2nd place)