Angie Strong Award

We often encounter a Brookdale Bucs swimmer that faces adversity during the swim season. Be it an injury or some other difficulty that makes the season challenging. Up until 2021, the Brookdale Bucs Swim Team did not have an award that recognized swimmers that overcome adversity during the season. In the 2021 season, we instituted a new award that is to be given out each year to a swimmer (or swimmers) that have faced some sort of adversity; a swimmer that reflects three key character traits.

  1. They must love the Brookdale Bucs and put the Brookdale family first (they love coming to practice, being with their teammates, and participating in all the activities).
  2. They must be a beautiful competitor (work hard, put their best effort in every race, and strive to get better, and compete fiercely)
  3. They are others focused (cheering their teammates on, and helping others get better).

In the year we founded this award, the recipients of this award were Luke Beran, Ali Beran and Jake Beran. The Beran kids faced tremendous adversity with the tragic passing of their mother, but they didn’t let that slow them down. They loved coming to practice, they worked incredibly hard and competed fiercely. They loved their teammates and did their best to help others despite the incredible loss at home.

At Mrs. Beran’s funeral, the pastor talked about three of Angie’s key character traits—Family First, Beautiful Competitor, and Others Focused. In recognition of Angie and all she meant to the Brookdale community, this award is now known as the Angie Strong Award. It honors Angie’s legacy and is an enduring tribute to her life, love for her family, and love for the Brookdale Bucs.

2021 Luke Beran, Ali Beran and Jake Beran
2022 Madison Hastings
2023 Asher Reddington