Jenni & Alli Award

The Jenni and Alli Award is one of the Brookdale Buccaneers’ most important traditions. Not just because of who it honors each yearthe swimmers who personify our team’s ideals for spirit and camaraderie, but because of the girls for whom this award is named.

It has been so long since the girls were part of the Buccaneers that the kids on this team, as well as several coaches and parents, probably don’t know who they were. They might only have heard stories. Jenni and Alli were just the best people anyone could ask for. They were lifeguards, swimmers, and swim coaches at Brookdale Pool. They were always smiling and having fun with the kids. In October 1997, while traveling to Waubonsie Valley High School in the early-morning hours on homecoming day, Jenni, Alli and their friend, Jennifer Roberts, were tragically killed by a drunken driver.

Their spirit lives on with the Jenni & Alli Award, which is presented each year at the Brookdale Buccaneers Awards Banquet. We bestow this award as an honor either to one, two or three individuals who have displayed several of the characteristics Jenni and Alli did when they coached and swam. They were always happy and smiling, having fun with the kids, joking around and cheering for everyoneeven the last person to finish the raceand just going above and beyond to show their Bucs spirit.

Recipients of this award are selected by the Bucs coaches, and the honor to carry on what Alli and Jenni are not able to anymore. The inscription on the award states:

For following Their Example of Having a Positive Attitude, Spirit of Friendship, Service to Others, Outstanding Sportsmanship, Positive Motivator, Loud Cheerer, Wonderful Smile and Being an Overall Great Brookdale Buccaneer

Jenni & Alli Award Winners

1998 Melissa Newhard, Heather Doeren
1999 Megan Decker
2000 Lauren Thomas, Rachel Thomas
2001 Jared Hall, Kevin Bennett
2002 Andy Bax
2003 Ashley Fisher, Amber Fijolek
2004 Caitlin Arquette, Emily Bax, Kelsey Lied
2005 Meghan Moore
2006 Monique Martin, Mellissa Brown
2007 Jordan Henderson, Katie Shanahan
2008 Greta Hopp
2009 Hillary Ferguson, Casey Collins
2010 Sarah Tjards, John Tjards
2011 Noah Elston, Jake Fleming
2012 Austin Martinson, Tayler McCann
2013 Connor Conley
2014 Emma Damhorst
2015 Kellie Willhite
2016 Abby Smedley
2017 Emily Steinkuller
2018 Will Sinzheimer
2019 Adriana Lathrop
2021 Jack Damhorst

2022 Leah Wojciechowski
2023 Anthony Cotner